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 South Australia Branch

 Secretary: Stephen Holmes
 Phone: 0401 055 277
 Postal Address: PO Box 235, Belair SA 5052

The South Australian CICA Branch is an industry body and membership organisation representing Crane Hirers, Crane Owners and Manufacturers and related organisations in South Australia.

The Branch Objectives and Member Benefits include:
i) To promote crane businesses and represent the business interests of members
ii) To develop an efficient crane industry and to promote industry standards, codes of ethics and safe work practices
iii) To assist government in formulating and implementing regulations that impact the Crane Industry in South Australia.

Next General Meeting:

Thursday 19th April - 5.30pm

Location: The British Hotel, 13 N Parade, Port Adelaide
All CICA members are welcome to attend.   

Future Meetings:

Thursday 21st June – Location TBA

Friday 24th August – Location TBA

Thursday 25th October – Location TBA

Thursday 6 December – Location TBA

Branch Steering Committee:

Rodger Weste - Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec
Vice Chairman:
Marcus Rigney - Load 28 Crane hire
Neil Addison - Crane Services
Chris Chisolm - McMahon Services
Mark Eberhard - RMB Service Group
Stephen Holmes - GTK Training
Mark Gilbert - Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec
Cheryl Woodhart - RMB Service Group
Jessica Atkinson - Morgan's Cranes
Allan Moore - Access Training Centre

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