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In line with the CICA Constitution Objects, the CICA Mission Statement and the CICA Member Code of Conduct the CICA QLD Branch has the following Objectives:

Objectives and Aims of CICA Qld are:
- To promote, protect and further the interests of all those engaged in the Industry or businesses
  directly associated with or ancillary to the business of Mobile Crane Hire.
- To endeavour to act as a united organisation on behalf of all who use Mobile Cranes for hire and
- To promote consideration and discussion by all  members on matters affecting Mobile Cranes and
   any other ancillary matters.
- To collect, collate and disseminate information on all matters affecting Mobile Cranes.
- To supply services and information of all kinds in relation to business operations.
- To assist and facilitate the giving of assistance by members to each other in the performance of their
    businesses and encourage co-operation between operators and promote higher, efficient, reliable
   standards of service; generally to develop and foster a spirit of harmony and unity amongst members
   in order that Public confidence in the Industry is achieved and maintained.
- To act in relation to any Governmental or other Authority in such manners as the Branch Steering
   Committee deems expedient in the interests of all members.
- To make rules, regulations and bylaws not inconsistent with the Constitution for the guidance
  of the Association’s members.
- To afford assistance to any member whose case warrants the united support of the Association
    in any manner affecting Mobile Crane Hire.
- To encourage road and workplace safety.

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