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SPV1 General Information for QLD

by Heidi Hervay | Mar 15, 2017

Please find attached the following information regarding the SPV1 Access in QLD that may be of assistance to you:
* SPV1 Quick Links for Qld - this document has a link to NHVR maps which shows which councils that have approved the SPV1 Vehicles, a link to a list of councils that do have restrictions (which have been noted) and a link to the SPV1 Vehicle Notice (Gazette).
This information has been provided by David White who has been working with the NHVR to get local councils approving access under the SPV1 Notice. 
At our February members meeting David noted it was important that members check the NHVR site regularly (changing daily sometimes) to see whether or not you have to apply for permits re the SPV1 range of cranes. He noted, there was no point applying for and paying for permits when they are not required, as well as it irritates the councils that have gone to the trouble to approve the notice, to then receive unnecessary permit requests when they are not needed.

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