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About CICA QLD Branch

The Focus of CICA Qld's activities can be summarised as below.

CICA Qld will continue to strengthen its current relationship with Government and Industry authorities:
- Division of Workplace Health & Safety; and
- Department of Transport to represent members on key issues impacting on the Industry.

Provision of Technical Support and Assistance
CICA Qld has a technical contact list to assist members in:
- Inspections etc for cranes;
- Permits – assisting members in identifying requirements in respect of permits, loads etc;
- Code of Practice; 
- Australian Standards

Provision of Industrial Relations Services
Industrial Relation Services are offered by the Employment Relations Manager of the QTA (CICA Qld Branch Secretariat) on all employment and related issues on behalf of CICA Qld.

CICA Qld can direct members to trainers who can assist members in re-skilling the workforce.
These services are currently under review by the CICA Qld Branch Committee to identify new or improved services. We can only do this with your continued support as Members of the Association.

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