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Changes to TMP High Risk Dimensions for Lengths and Height

by Heidi Hervay | Jul 28, 2015

Roads and Maritime Services recently formalised changes to the dimensions for length and height that are considered ‘High Risk’ and therefore require a Transport Management Plan.  Since 6 January 2014, TMPs are required for any Oversize and/or Overmass (OSOM) movements that are classified as ‘High Risk’, on a ‘High Risk’ route or involved in the movement of a ‘Critical/Sensitive Load’.

The new changes to TMP ‘High Risk’ dimension requirements are as follows:


·         TMP to be required if > 40 metres on single carriageway sections; and

·         TMP to be required if > 50 metres on dual carriageway sections.


·         TMP to be required if > 5.2 metres high and within 200 millimetres of overhead structure(s) (including trees, overpasses and bridges).

Roads and Maritime initiated the changes in response to the re-assessment of risks associated with long loads travelling on single and dual carriageway sections of the network. Changes to the height requirements clarify when a TMP is required for high loads.  

A copy of the updated TMP Fact sheet is attached and further information is available on the Roads and Maritime website at:

If you have further questions about Transport Management Plans please contact the Special Permits Unit, Roads and Maritime on 1300 361 570 or at


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