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CICA Technical Information:

CICA 75%Chart LetterPDF664.25 KB Download
CICA-PA-0026-A CICA Position Paper Crane Used for Demolition WorkPDF604.48 KB Download
CICA-GN-0013-C Guidance Note for Ground Pressure CalculationPDF2.01 MB Download
CICA-IB-0037-A CICA Information Sheet Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)PDF128.64 KB Download
CICA-GN-0035-A CICA Position Paper on Western AUstralia OHS 1996 Regulation, Clause 4PDF181.19 KB Download
guides-major-insp-crack-testing-23-01-2017PDF4.31 MB Download
CICA-CS-0020-0 Multi-crane or Multi-hoist Lifting (004)Non Member Short VersionPDF94.63 KB Download
CICA-IB-0030-1 CICA Information Sheet Crane Operating near AirportsPDF835.80 KB Download
CICA-PA-0024-A CICA Position Paper Updates between AS3775(2004) and AS3775(2014) - Public ViewPDF176.39 KB Download
CICA-PA-0009-B Position Paper Articulated Crane Operator RequirementsPDF1.02 MB Download
CICA-GN-0001-A Wind Guidance Note (Intro)PDF5.41 MB Download
CICA-PA-0005-A Position Paper Reeving Hook Blocks and Fly Jibs (Intro)PDF4.47 MB Download
CICA-PA-0008-B Position Paper Excavator used as Crane (Intro)PDF197.61 KB Download
CICA-PA-0004-A Position Paper Crane Accumulator Registration and Inspection (Intro)PDF630.70 KB Download
CICA-PA-0009-A Position Paper Articulated Crane Operator Requirements (Intro)PDF288.14 KB Download

WorkSafe Communications:

NSW Workcover Safety Alert - Risks With Dogging And Crane Operations - Dec 2012PDF94.31 KB Download
NSW Workcover Safety Alert - Using Mobile Cranes In Pick Carry Operations - Jan 2013PDF138.40 KB Download
Worksafe Vic Communique Major Insp Sept 2011PDF742.43 KB Download

FEM Documents:

N 0521 Position Paper Notification on Particulate MatterPDF249.50 KB Download
N 0513 Position Paper on Indication of Stability LimitsPDF34.38 KB Download
N 0485 Position Paper on CE Declaration EmissionPDF58.68 KB Download
FEM 5.014 External Warning SignalsPDF55.97 KB Download
FEM 5.018 Event Recorder SpecificationsPDF102.46 KB Download
N 0303 Position Paper on Data RecordersPDF115.76 KB Download
FEM Guideline - Safety Issues in Wind Turbine Installation & TransportationPDF769.84 KB Download

ICSA Documents:

Miscellaneous Documents:

Terex Franna Speed Limit RTA approvalPDF140.86 KB Download
Terex AT14 Speed limit RTA approvalPDF106.26 KB Download

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