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CICA support's Beyond Blue in all CICA fundraising activities and promotes an awareness of Mental Health in the workplace and community.

Mental Health Facts

3 Million Australians are living with depression or anxiety.
For each person that dies by suicide, at least six additional people are profoundly impacted for the rest of their lives.

Man Stats

On average, 1 in 8 men will have depression and 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety in some stage of their lives.
Almost 7 people will die by suicide each day in Australia. 5 of these will be men.
Of the approximately 2,200 annual suicides, 80% are by men.

Refer to the Beyond Blue Website for more information:

Support Service Hotline: 1300 224 636

Mental Health Resources

Beyond Blue - Creating A Mentally Healthy Workplace (for Leaders & Managers)PDF1.45 MB Download
Beyond Blue - Supporting Someone In The Workplace At Risk Of SuicidePDF345.53 KB Download
Beyond Blue -Managing Someone With A Mental Health ConditionPDF1.36 MB Download
Beyond Blue - Improve Your Understanding of Anxiety & DepressionPDF1003.80 KB Download
State Of Workplace Mental Health In AustraliaPDF737.92 KB Download
Creating A Mentally Healthy WorkplacePDF767.04 KB Download
Beyond Blue -Having The ConversationPDF194.31 KB Download
Beyond Blue -10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Workplace Mentally HealthyPDF321.09 KB Download

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