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CICA Life Members

CICA Life Member status is awarded by the CICA Board for outstanding service and contribution to CICA and the industry.

Bob Parker

Life Member

Bob Parker - 1994



Robert Way

Life Member

Robert Way - 2002



Alan McPherson

Life Member

Allan McPherson - 2002

Allan McPherson commenced his career in the crane industry in 1965.

Life Member Profile - Allan McPherson


John Gillespie

Life Member

John Gillespie - 2011

John entered his family business when he finished his schooling.

Life Member Profile - John Gillespie


Jeff Brundell

Life Member

Jeff Brundell - 2011



Robert Way, Allan McPherson, Bob Parker, Jeff Brundell, John Gillespie

From left to right: Robert Way, Allan McPherson, Bob Parker, Jeff Brundell, John Gillespie (taken at the 2011 CICA Conference).

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