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CICA Membership Categories

As per the CICA Constitution, any person, firm, company, association or other body which is, usually is, or has been, engaged in the Crane and Lifting Industry is eligible for membership.

Crane Owner/Hirer Membership is available only to crane owners and hirers.

This membership category attracts member discounts for CICA product purchases, CICA Conference delegate registration and the CraneSafe program.

Membership Fee: $220.00 plus $33.00 per crane (incl GST)

Up to a maximum of $2,200.00 



Associate Membership is applicable to companies or individual that supply allied equipment and / or services to the crane industry (including CraneSafe Endorsed Assessors).

This membership is not available to crane owners or crane distributors / resellers.  Discounts are available for purchases of CICA products and CICA Conference delegate registrations (non National Marketer Member rate would apply for exhibition and crane display).

Membership Fee: $385.00 (incl GST)

Per Region / Branch - Maximum 2 Regions / Branches Only

National Marketer Membership is applicable to companies that manufacture and/or distribute cranes and allied equipment and/or provides services specifically to the crane industry.

Member discounts are available for the CICA Conference delegate registrations, sponsoring, exhibiting and the crane display.

Membership Fee:  $2,420.00       (Including GST)

Social Membership  is available to individual interested or retired industry people who are not eligible for any other membership category.

Members will be included on CICA website member listing and will receive member communications such as emails and newsletters. This membership does not include voting rights or usual member discounts and benefits.

Membership Fee: $55.00  (incl GST)

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