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Membership Applications

To apply for CICA membership a completed membership application form, agreeing to comply with the CICA Constitution and CICA Member Code of Conduct, should be forwarded to the CICA Office. Payment of membership fees must also accompany the application.

All CICA membership applications require approval from the CICA Board. Once both an application form and payment are received, you will be sent an email to confirm their receipt and they will be held until the next Board meeting (generally every 2 months).

Upon receipt of approval from the Board, the CICA office will send a welcome pack and CICA membership certificate confirming your acceptance.

Please note: Member benefits are applicable only to the company / ABN number named on the application. Member benefits and discounts are not transferable to related businesses operating under a different ABN number.

Membership Application Form:
CICA Member Application Form

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