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CICA Lift of the Year Award Winners


 Lift of the Year Awards - Category A Winners
2015  McMahons Services Australia 
2014 John Holland
2013 Universal Cranes   
2012 John Holland
2011 Universal Cranes
2010 John Holland
2009 Gillespies Crane Services
2008 Boom Logistics (Vic)
2007 Brimco Cranes
2006 Eagle Cranes & Rigging
2005 Aztec Analysis
2004  Aztec Analysis
2003 Aztec Analysis
2002 Conmor Crane Hire
2001 Aztec Analysis
2000 National Crane Hire
1999 Conmor Crane Hire
1998 Highrig Crane Hire


 McMahons Services Australia -  Category A Winning Lift
 McMahons Services Australia
 McMahon Services Australia
 Arvind Hickman (L), Cranes & Lifting Magazine, presents Category A Trophy to Chris Chisholm (R), McMahon Services Australia


 Lift of the Year Awards - Category B Winners
2015 Alliance Engineering Consultants
2014 Hanchard Crane Hire
2013 Gillespies Crane Services
2012 Gillespies Crane Services
2011 Fullers Mobile Cranes
2010 Kelly's Crane Hire
2009 Boom Sherrin (QLD)
2008 Patterson Mobile Crane Hire
2007 Gillespies Crane Services
2006 Williamstown Crane Hire
2005 Gillespies Crane Services
2004 Boom Logistics
2003 Gillespies Crane Services
2002 Sherrin Hire
2001 Gillespies Crane Services
2000 Universal Contracting
1999 Universal Contracting 


Alliance Engineering Consultants - Category B Winning Lift 
 Alliance Engineering Consultants
 Alliance Engineering Consultants
 Arvind Hickman (R), Cranes & Lifting Magazine, presents Category B Trophy to Nick Birks (L), Alliance Engineering Consultants







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