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CraneSafe Program

In 2002 representatives of the mobile crane industry initiated a voluntary crane assessment program throughout Australia. Developed in consultation with the mobile crane industry as a whole, this program aims to augment existing safety standards with annual assessments of a wide range of cranes (and other equipment) now being made by CraneSafe .

The CraneSafe assessment program provides crane owners and operators with a:

  • process for third party assessment of safety aspects of their cranes
  • common, industry-wide system for assessment of their cranes
  • single method by which crane operators, owners, manufacturers, suppliers, designers and importers may fulfill their relevant duty of care obligations under the State Occupational Health and Safety Acts (OH&S).


The program is voluntary, however crane owners and users have a duty of care obligation under individual State OH&S (Plant) Regulations to ensure that their cranes are in a safe condition.

For further information on the CraneSafe program, visit the dedicated CraneSafe website. 

CraneSafe Button - click to visit the CraneSafe website
 Click the button to visit the CraneSafe website. 

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