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Videos (DVD Format)


  • Safe Use of Vehicle Loading Cranes includes information about crane set up, hazard identification and controls, working near power lines, safe use of remote controls, etc. (Approximate length 14 minutes).

Trainer Guide for VLC DVD

Trainee Handout for VLC DVD

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Tool Box DVDs

(Approximately 5 minutes duration)

  • Crane Pre Start Checks - CICA Log Book provides information to guide crane owners on the use of the CICA Log Book to ensure that the crane maintenance procedures are carried out.

Cranes Working Around Powerlines addresses risks to health and safety of workings operating cranes near powerlines. With electrocution being one of the highest causes of crane related death, it is important that crane operators and those working at the hook or in the vicinity of the crane are aware of the dangers.
Cranes Working Around Powerlines DVD
As the Regulations for operating cranes near powerlines differ between Australian states, this DVD should be used in conjunction with the regulations in your state.  Click Here to visit the Resources page which includes the regulations for each state.

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Topics Coming Soon:
Use of Two Way Radios
Precast Panels
Bridge Beams

Computer Based Training

(Approximately 5 minutes duration)


  • 3 CD Set Includes the following topics: How to Read Crane Load Charts, Crane Operator Training Needs, How To Set Up Mobile Cranes
  • Safe Use of Pick & Carry Crane CD covers topics such as safety, hazards, load chart restrictions, maintenance, driving on the road and more…
  • Dogging In the Workplace CD includes information on legal requirements, SWMS, worksite hazards, lifting equipment and load charts.
  • How To Use Vehicle Loading Cranes Safely is designed to teach operators about the correct procedures to follow.

CICA Computer Based Training Discs

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These products are CraneSafe funded initiatives for the purpose of improving safety in the crane industry.

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