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Crane Log Book / Operator Safety Checklist

These log books provide a useful checklist for operators to complete daily safety inspections and are available for the following crane types:

~ Mobile Crane

~ Vehicle Loading Crane

~ Self Erecting Tower Crane

~ Electric Hammerhead Tower Crane

~ Electric Luffing Jib Tower Crane 

~ Diesel Luffing Jib Tower Crane

~ Transport (for support vehicles such as
   utes, trucks, etc.)

Operator Log Book
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Training and Work Experience Log Book

This log book is for the use of Crane Operators to record information such as High Risk Licences, Qualifications, Training History, Crane Operation / Rigging Practical Experience and Employment History. 

    Log Book Sample Pages

 Training & Work Experience Log Book 
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Also available: Jumbo Pack containing Training & Work Experience Log Book, Crane Safety Manual and bonus 3 CD Set.


Crane Safety Manual For Operators/Users

This book, designed to be kept in each crane, is a valuable reference which details how to safely operate the crane and identify any hazards.  It includes sections on Vehicle Loading Cranes, Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes and Tower Cranes. There is also information on driving cranes safely on public roads, legal obligations, tilt slab panel erections, load lifting tackle and rigging equipment.

Crane Safety Manual 
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These products are CraneSafe funded initiatives for the purpose of improving safety in the crane industry.

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